Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ventura Apartment Nursery

On the 13th of April we were tasked with expanding our mangrove nursery in the garden. The capacity of our previous nursery was around 3500 mangrove propagules. We’d been given a bunch of bamboo logs for the roof, but there was no specific goal in mind except to expand the nursery. So while the girls began preparing the propagules and the pots for them, the boys started building another roof. In order to do that, we first had to remove all the grass in the area. With help from the locals, we managed to remove pretty much all of it. Then the soil had to be flattened; so a few of us started flattening the soil, while the others brought more dirt to fill the holes. After that, the roof could be built. We quickly measured up the bamboo logs and decided which logs were fit for being pillars, and which were fit for being crossbars. Afterwards, we put the canopy over the bamboo structure, and it was done! While the boys were doing that, the girls had been preparing the propagules and the pots. The pots are basically bottles that have been cut in half and then filled with topsoil; recycling at its best! So after the roof was done, it was time to plant some new propagules! We managed to plant 700 propagules in the time that we had left that afternoon, so we ended up on a total of 4200 propagules, with room for many many more!

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